The Most Valuable Brands In The World

There are various brand for different products and services. Some are known more than other. For example, Coca Cola is known world over. This is due to their successful marketing campaigns and programs. There are some brands that have become the most valuable brands in the world. Success is not something that is received overnight. It takes years and years of hard work. Most of the companies on this list were also making losses at one point. It was hard work and determination that made them successful. Their commitment and never give up attitude has made them rise above the competition. Here’s a list of the most valuable brands in the world.


Apple is the most valuable brand in the world. They have achieved what most other companies couldn’t. The company was started by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976. They started in Steve Jobs’ childhood home’s garage.  Their first product, the Apple 1 was quite expensive but was a success nonetheless. Thereafter their profits started growing and growing. Apple is known for their innovative products and smart marketing campaigns. Apple is a great example for many startups today. They were a small company that grew and required high end hpe hyper converged  servers and so on. The brand value is over 170 billion USD.


Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It was a simple search engine. It was different to the search engines at that time because it offered better search results. This company too was based on a garage. Today, Google offers many internet based services and technological products. Besides the search engine, Google also own YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Google Docs, Chrome OS, Android OS and hardware devices such a Pixel and Chromecast. Currently, Google is one of Apple’s major competitors. In the beginning Google had to worry about the HPE distributors Hong Kong and now they have their own servers. Currently the brand value of Google is at 101.7 billion USD.


Microsoft is a company known world over. This is because the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. Most of the computers in the world run on Microsoft Windows. It is the most popular operating system in the world. It competes primarily with Apple’s Mac OS. Windows has maintained the lead as the most popular OS for many years now. Microsoft is also the world’s largest software maker by revenue, where most of the sales come from Windows versions and Microsoft Office. The brand value of Microsoft is currently at 87 billion USD.